Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daddy's Mug

This is another installment from the Holiday custom orders:
The instructions were to paint a redwood forest with a vanagon parked among the trees and the words "I love my Daddy" somewhere on the mug.
We started out with a very simple pencil sketch to visualize the concept:
After that it was off to work on the mug:

I love how the final mug came out but I'll be honest - I am so thankful that so far my customers have been able to make the leap and trust me that the sketch is NOT the final product :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013


The winner of the NEW YEAR GIVAWAY has been chosen with the help of
The lucky winner is Christine Beltramo! Please claim your prize within 72 hours.
If you didn't win this time stay tuned for more fun giveways and specials coming to you in 2013 :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


One of the orders I got during the Holiday Season was for a pet mug. When I heard that, I'd assumed it would be a puppy or a kitten. But this project turned out to be a lot more unique. The pets in question? Why here they are:

I loved working on these but I must admit I am looking forward to painting a puppy one day ;)

By the way, have you entered the giveaway yet? Check back tomorrow to find out the winner!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This week we took our girls to see some snow. It is still so strange to me that they are growing up without seeing a real changing of the seasons so this annual pilgrimage to Tahoe is very important to me.

In other news, my sports loving brother tells me that the hockey season is back on so I thought it was very timely that I got this fun espresso cup order from some hockey fans. I loved being able to take the sneak peek picture with real snow as the background. But it's back to the green and blue of the parks and lagoons of home on Friday.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year GIVEAWAY!

Happy New Year Wonderful People! :)

I hope it's the best one yet. I've got so many fun resolutions to break in it (eat healthier, sleep more, cook better... you get the picture).

Here is one though, that I mean to start fulfilling right away: share my art with more people and give some away for free :).

Over the Holiday Season I got a chance to design and paint a set of little fairy/ballerina mug for 4 very lovely girls. Each one was personalized with a name and hair color to match its new owner. I will be working on three more in the coming weeks: two for my own daughters and one for one of yours :)

The winner will get to choose the design out of the 4 pictured, as well as the skin tone and hair and dress color of the fair. I will also add your little one's name to the handle. At 4 oz, these mugs are just perfect for little hands to hold.

Here are the rules of the road:
1. Share this post on your social media
2. Comment on this post with a link (or any other reference I can track) that shows where you have shared.

3. Each share will count as one entry. A mention on a blog will count as 2 entries. You can share as many times as you want and comment each time that you do. If you are sharing via Facebook, do it as a public post so that I can see it without being your FB Friend.

4. A winner will be selected using on January 13, 2013. I will announce the winner in a separate blog post on that day.

5. Good Luck :)