Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to kindergarten I go

One of the reasons I switched careers and started my own business is so that I could be more involved with my kids' activities, able to volunteer and be generally more there for them. Up until now I really felt like that decision benefited me even more so than them. I got to do what I really love career-wise and show up at their tiny pre-school to do arts and crafts. Well, the 5 year old started half day kindergarten this year. We chose to put her in public school since the one near our house is ranked very high. It is, however overcrowded.  I signed up to volunteer in the classroom once a week and today was my first day. And, now I know how crucial me having more time really will be. Now for the public service announcement: whether you are working or staying home, if you have any, and I mean ANY time to help out in the classroom, do! The eye opening experience of a public school kindergarten class with a 1:22 teacher to student ratio left me depressed, and I love my daughter's teacher. It's just no matter how much she tries there is only so much individual attention she can offer per student and that amount is miniscule. The kids are at completely different levels academically and I could see that the activities that challenged some left others bored out of their little minds. Between the teacher and me, I felt like there were not enough adults to go around, but unless a parent volunteers, the teacher is the only one there. Frankly, it really made me question everything - our decision to go with a public school, our plans for our younger daughter, even where we live. I know I've read all about the dire straights our schools are in but until you see it for yourself, you really don't know. Here is to a better day tomorrow!

Harry Potter

I love, Love, LOVE Harry Potter. I can't wait until my girls are old enough to read it. I love that it's not all black and white, the characters are relatable (and magical) and that while good triumphs over evil, it does not do so without realizing that the two are just two sides of the same coin. I got to work on a Harry Potter inspired mug this week and now I am practically jonesing for a re-read. The question is do I pull out the huge bricks of books that are the hard covers, or do I break down and get the digital versions for my Kindle? These are the big decisions of my life these days, but I'll take it :)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

From the mouths of babes.

Today was Yom Kippur - a day of Atonement in Judaism and a 25 hour no food or water fast for all adults. I tried to explain to the Little Dreamer (age 5) that we fast so that we can focus on reflecting on the past year and our deeds and how to become a better person in the future. She was thoughtful all day and by the end of it proclaimed that since she can eat and think at the same time, she will forgo fasting when she grows up. Well, there you go then.

The need to be funny

Every blog I read is funny, informative, chock full of great photos of cute homemade outfits and yummy recipes. Mine is not. I can paint somewhat well. I can entertain two little girls somewhat well but blogging... No, it doesn't seem to come naturally. And yet I keep coming back to it and try to reinvent what it is I want to write about. It's a stream of consciousness kind of thing. Especially at midnight, which is the time when the kids are in bed and I finally have time to work. So here is to being consistently inconsistent! And just to throw in something painterly into the mix, here is one sort of Halloween-y since it is coming up.