Monday, April 23, 2012

Illustration Friday - Heights

There is nothing like free-falling to experience the true majesty and exhilaration of heights.

I love that I got to relieve a great moment in my life while working on this week's Illustration Friday topic - heights. Unfortunately this was not my most successful effort. I couldn't quite get the feel of height here. In retrospect, maybe I should have made the ground look like a patchwork of squares (thanks to one of my facebook fans for the suggestion!), or place the line of the horizon lower on the page. I also think that I lost something in the final version compared to the original sketch:

The bunny especially has a more carefree, open expression here. I lost it when I tried making the snout (Do bunnies even have snouts? What do they have?) more defined. Oh well. That's how we learn.


  1. Actually I think the perspective is better than you think. They are definitely skydiving, at least a half mile up still. (That's just a guess. No way would I jump out of a plane willingly.) I do agree the sketch is a little crisper. I might suggest an ink outline (but that is my go-to solution and might not be the right answer for everyone!) Also, the bunny face looks great! Though the bear's face in the painted version is my favorite part. I think he's the experienced one.

  2. Really cute! And I think you did a great job! I get that the landscape below is WAY below! The bear looks so happy & exhilarated by the experience, but I think the bunny may need a little convincing! :)